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The German money collection Our purpose is to recover owed debts and money with a specialist team of debt collectors and lawyers in-house.
Our legal office was formed in 1960 by professional debt collectors who possess now many years of experience in the debt recovery sector. With offices all over Germany we are able to offer a truly nationwide debt collection service.
Our purpose is to recover monies owed, with specialist lawyers for collecting and investigation visiting debtor companies and making it clear that the funds outstanding belong in the creditors bank account, and not the client's. Courteous collection managers initially contact the debtors by telephone or by letters and attempt to professionally negotiate settlement or arrange meetings to open lines of communication to recover your money.
In many cases the debtor companies are ignoring letters, emails and telephone calls, are in a meeting, or not in the office today.
In these situations the most successful way forward is a personal visit by our experienced staff. A personal visit by debt recovery lawyers is certainly the most effective way to reimburse money in an short time.
Lawyers Hahn and partners in Hamburg/Germany is your debt recovery agency.

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Our services are tailor made to suit our clients’ individual needs, bringing about a swift resolution to the most complex of problems.
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In the second place, where A (otherwise than by way of loan) supplies money for B to purchase property or goods, B will, in the absence of evidence of a contrary intention, be presumed to hold the property upon a resulting trust in favour of A. This presumption may, however, sometimes be counterbalanced by a contrary presumption called the presumption of advancement. This arises where a German client or a debtor advances money for a purchase by his dealer or creditor. In this case it is presumed that the advance of an debt collection service is intended as a contract, so that no resulting fee in favour of the donor arises.

Legal litigation

The presumption of advancement, like the presumption of a resulting unpaid invoice, may, of course, be rebutted by evidence of a contrary intention. It should be noted that the presumption extends to cover the case of a person in the place of a receiver of goods who supplies money for someone whom he treats as his buyer.
Carriers or contractors in Germany, for instance, may often be in this position. Similarly where estate property stands in the name of one spouse only, but the other has contributed to its acquisition, the German courts will, in case of dispute between them about the property, imply a trust in favour of the other (or even in favour of a simple debt collection where the parties have lived together with the same mutual commitment as in trade) to the extent of his or her contributions, including not only money payments but also the fruits of labour: as where the vendor has helped to build the house. The underlying principle was well expressed by many lawyers in Germany.
In the third place, when a trust is declared which the law will not permit to be carried out, eg because it infringes a perpetuity rule, there may be a resulting trust in favour of the donor.

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