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Walking and hiking: Holidays in Romania

Nature Tours offers a wide diversity of active and cultural tours or family holidays in Romania. There are any kind of tours selectable: Walking and trekking, cycling (mountain-biking), hiking and climbing, skiing or one of the cultural tours through the country that will take the visitor to the most interesting places around Transylvania.
Some of the highlights are the walking trails to medieval towns, learning about the history of the fortified saxonian churches, spending an evening in a shepherd camp and experiencing the process of making of cheese, home-made bread, optional walking trails and much more.


Transylvania lies in the middle of Romania, an it is known as a weird destination due to the myth of Dracula, the famous vampire count and his castle in Bran. Romania is a mountainous country with lots of beautiful fauna and endemic flora. Everyone can travel with all the members of his family to take advantage of the great adventures with rafting on the river Olt. Tourists who travel in Romania can take part in different activities all seasons: walking, skiing, rafting, a day in the bear reserve, a ride with a horse or the sightseeing in medieval villages like Brasov or Sibiu. Every tour is full of surprises and every step one takes gives fun and recreation for the leave in between the Carpathians. Parents with children and pets are welcomed on the family tours in Romania.
The comprehensive sightseeing tours through Romania include multilingual local guides who are happy to share their knowledge about the people, the country and the well preserved Romanian traditions, kept over the centuries in all regions like Danube Delta, Wallachia or Bucovina. Travelling is possible within a group or alone within a private tour, where it is possible to experience the unbeaten paths of the Transylvanian Mountains, across the Bucegi Mountains just until Bucharest.
During the holidays in Romania the local guides will be always tend to the needs and ensure one has a fine accommodation in Transylvania while visiting the Romanian country.
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