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Mountain climber in the Carpathians 2024-02-22

Climbing in the Romanian Carpathians

Transylvania, in the heart of Romania, is the most eastern of the Carpathian countries. It is still an unspoiled country and its natural beauty and abundance of mountains, most of them easily accessible, is overwhelming.
As the most recognized mountain on the Eastern-European continent, the roughly chiseled rock of the Piatra Craiului serves as a defining geographical landmark. With a near perfect shape, its symmetry demarcates the exquisite nature of this beautiful mountain. Nestled in the Romanian Carpathians, important place of climbing in Romania, an ascent of the mountain hearkens back to the purist traditions of climbing. The Piatra Craiului, which stands over the town of Zărneşti, is nearly ideal for climbing in both structure and nature. The region nearby is comprised of lush meadows and wonderful landscapes. The combination of scenic beauty, superb lodging and the ability to challenge oneself by day and live in silence by night, makes climbing in Romania a rather comfortable experience.
This unique opportunity to climb in one of the most famous climbing regions in Romania is unrivaled in excellence and quality.
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Weather on the National Park mountains can be extremely changeable. Alpine temperatures can range between 5 and 35 degrees in the summer, so basing yourself in an accommodation and waiting for the right day to do the crossing makes a lot of sense.
Check the weather for the mountain with an experienced mountain guide before you leave. Essential tramping items for the walking trek, even in summer, include a rainproof coat, warm clothing, hat and gloves, good footwear (preferably trekking boots), sunglasses, sunblock, camera and film.
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